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Photography of Planet X???
Posted by sandi nicole on March 6, 2011 at 6:49am

I have spent the last 4 hours photographing the sun. At first I had the camera on auto and was not looking into the lens, as the sun here in New Zealand is intensely bright. I grabbed my sunglasses and had a look through my canon digital SLR camera, and well I couldn’t believe it! I could see a perfectly circular object, slightly red in colour compared to the sun. I couldn’t fully believe what I was seeing so called my partner to confirm what I was seeing. He too saw it.

So I got out my other camera all digital SLR’s and began flicking off photos trying to find the right shutter speed and aperture that would capture it.

Please note that I am a professional photographer and processed these photos to check the object was not a sun spot or sun glare.  Plus the fact that I could see it, not with a naked eye but through the lens, I really can’t believe I have seen it for myself!
Location: Christchurch New Zealand
Time & Date: 06.03.2011, between 5:30-6:45pm
Shutter speed: 1/1000
Aperture:  f12 – f36

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Comment by Leesa Bloom 6 minutes ago

I have a question.  I don't dispute any of the information given us by Nancy/Zetas at ALL.  I am just perhaps naive about celestial physics, and don't fully understand this. If  Nibiru is indeed between the Earth and the Sun, why does the face glow as if it has it's own illumination?  If it were in front of the Sun, wouldn't our perspective be one of an eclipse?  It seems that if Planet X is solid, than we should only see a dark center with the brightness outlining the planet itself. Please forgive me if I am asking a juvenile question.  I just can't grasp the concept of this. --------------------------------------------------------------
Comment by Diana Page 8 minutes ago
This is interesting and it jogs my memory.   A while back I remember an article on Sympatico which happens to be my home page.    The headline was that scientists predicted that we would be seeing a second sun in our sky in the not too distant future.    I didn't really think much of it at the time..... this makes me wonder.   Were they in some subtle way telling us to expect .......  I'm going to see if I can find the article and perhaps post it here.   Great info by the way.....
Comment by Gordon James Gianninoto 1 hour ago
Sandi, thank you so much. This is excellent! Truly wonderful. Thank you.
Comment by Pavel Doichev 1 hour ago
Good job !!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Butterfly Magic 2 hours ago
Thanks for sharing your awesome photos sandi ~
Comment by Pyle Nelson 3 hours ago
now this is wanderful stuff
Comment by martin bogorad 3 hours ago
there it is looking at us. what else could it be?
Comment by Jerry Keith & Linda Lee 4 hours ago
Has anyone considered the Earth wobble as reason for the 'out of expected' location of Nibiru?  Would our wobble produce the odd placement?  Just an uneducated thought on this thread.  It sure looks pretty legit to us, not a lens flare.  The Moon was in it's 'New" stage on Friday the 4th here in Michigan.  Could it be the Moon?  This is very interesting..
Comment by Courtney Ferguson 6 hours ago
I kept watch until the sun went down, but did not see anything other than the sun itself, I'm assuming it's because of the angle I am in relation to where you are in NZ??? but not sure.
Comment by Lothar Schwarz 7 hours ago
Jason, if you accept the fact, that N of the sun is on top and that is 12:00, then S must be at the bottom and would then referred to as 6:00. You can proof this fact to yourself by watching sunspots at the surface of the sun wandering from east to west over the period of several days. Yes of course if you do a handstand, the sun will appear to you as in this case the alleged Planet nibiru would be on top of the sun, which it is not. The Zetas have stated, Nibiru will come from below the ecliptic on a retro-gate orbit and will move up towards it before the pole shift. With this information you will be able to figure out where Nibiru will be seen if he is in a position before the sun and the position if he is behind the sun. At this moment nibiru is clearly between the sun and earth. Lothar
Comment by MegaMontana 8 hours ago
Here is a photo taken during the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse. When the object appeared, all video feed online shut down. This ZT Newsletter covers the incident well. Notice PX at 10 o'clock for the Southern Hemisphere. Zetatalk- "Planet X was at a perfect angle for a dramatic appearance during the July 11, 2010 eclipse. The establishment, desperate to maintain the cover-up during such a well watched event, was frantic, as live feed from several sources had been promised. As anyone watching the event from several webcams noted, the lead-up to the event was played for almost an hour prior to the full eclipse. This was not a worry because the establishment knew that Planet X would only make its appearance as the eclipse was waning, pulling away from the spot where Planet X could shine without competition from the glare of the Sun. The order went out to cut all cams as soon as the total eclipse was ended, and remarkably, worldwide, on all cams, this occurred. Is the world wired to a single switch? Was there no interest in the eclipse after the moment of totality? The public is to assume a faulty feed, as the public is assumed to be watching on only one feed at a time, but to ensure the best screen shots many in the public watched on several cams at once. Those who watched from their own yards, and took snaps of the eclipse as it waned, also knew the truth. There are enough of these dramatic photos circulating on the Internet to start viral rumors about the planetary presence next to the Sun. proof, during the eclipse, is the fact that all cams were shut down promptly when this presence was about to be displayed for the world to see. Why else shut down the cams, worldwide?" ------------------------------------------------------------------ Comment by Jason D. 8 hours ago Sandi, I've been thinking about these viewing angles. If I'm correct, your view of the Sun looks to head north as the days pass toward the vernal equinox on March 20th. Your pictures were taken in the afternoon/evening so you were looking west. Looking west it looks like the object is at 6 O'clock. But if you lay on the ground with your head pointed north and turn your head to the right (or west), then this object is actually at 3 or 4 o'clock if I'm picturing this correctly. When (this year) did you notice you were able to photograph this object? I'm also curious if it is only visible in the evening. Is it visible in the morning,  but not at noon? --------------------------------------------------- Comment by MegaMontana 9 hours ago
The video footage taken during the Solar Eclipse in S. America show Planet X to be at the 11 o'clock position for the Southern Hemisphere. I remember when all the cameras suddenly went offline as this strange object appeared next to the Sun in the 11 o'clock position. Coincidence? Doubtful...
Comment by sandi nicole 9 hours ago
Are you sure that when viewing planet x from the southern hemisphere that it would be upside down? e.g. 6o’clock northern hemisphere and 11 o’clock southern I thought both hemispheres’ would view it the same, is this a proven fact, or are we just presuming this? Or is it possible the planets course has change slightly so viewing is different? The view and angle would change as it gets closer to earth wouldn’t it?


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