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June 10 2012: Planet X Nibiru Watch Update --Truth Be Told, It Really Does Exist - Video - Post, A Scientist Speaks From The Grave - Rare Revealing Newspaper Scans That Show Planet X Nibiru From 80s & 90s - Nibiru approaching from Constellation Leo - A Pleiadian Message

You have this article directly below and then two videos below it, the second video has NASA documents and rare newspaper scans speaking of Planet X. Then below the video there are links which I highly recommend that you copy and paste into your browser, that is if you visit blogger here, my wordpress blog there is no need for this, but blogger has not fixed its link issues with its members, but anyway there is a Naval Observatory Document, Washington DC (The Location Of Planet X Documents, 3 Docs) that is very eye opening regarding Planet X and its location, I recommend highly that you view them below the videos.  

Of course Dr Harrington is dead now, which seems the usual fate that often befalls those that figure out the truth and who have the credentials to prove the truth.  I guess if it were the 80s, the world leaders figured it would be a mighty long road for mass hysteria, keep it hush hush as long as possible.  Makes sense to do so in a lot of ways, however in my opinion it really is the right of those on earth to choose and prepare themselves spiritually for the future.  I sometimes wonder why those in power think so little of its citizens resilience and ability to handle the truth, then again, look what truth of science has done to many a Mad Scientist who were not spiritually moral to wield the power of knowledge given to them; in this regard perhaps they were right to keep it from us after all. This seems rather right when you reference them wishing to push upon us every vice known to man, (in the name of freedom), for control reasons but also realizing at the very same time that the general populace were not stable enough to handle the full picture of truth regarding events of this nature.  This illusion of freedom ended up decimating our personalities sufficiently enough to allow control more readily in some global aspects but yet not stable enough in other aspects of truth in regards to cataclysmic events.  True stability however only comes from moral spirituality, but not in an organized sense but from a path of personal purity.  If only their power were used instead  to give us significant spiritual preparation for things to come, it could have been so very different, yet it was foretold that it would play out exactly as it has. Who would have known that dark and light both would play out unknowingly the things foreseen thousands of  years ago. I guess the Creator is very much Omnipresent despite the claims that He is not, so it seems that all is as it should be after all.

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Planet X and the Mysterious Death of Dr. Robert Harrington

YOWUSA.COM, 22-May-2008
John DiNardo
Janice Manning
Dr. Robert S. Harrington
Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, died before he could publicize the fact that Planet X is approaching our Solar System.
Many feel his death part of a cove-up? One in which government agencies quickly moved to conceal the most earth-shaking discovery in history. If so, the search for truth begins in New Zealand.
In 1991, Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, took a puny 8-inch telescope to Black Birch, New Zealand, one of the few viewing points on Earth optimal for sighting Planet X, which he definitively calculated to be approaching from below the ecliptic at an angle of 40 degrees.
PDF Download: The Location of Planet X by R. S. Harrington, October 1988 ( Subscribers Only)
However, the source below quotes Dr. Harrington as predicting 30 degrees, not 40.

Dr Harrington says the most remarkable feature predicted for Planet X is that its orbit is tilted 30 degrees away from the ecliptic, the main plane of the solar system, where all previous searches have concentrated. His models also predict a greater distance from the Sun, about 10 billion miles, or between two or three times as distant as Pluto.

By analyzing time-lapse photographs using the "blink comparison" technique, originated by famed Pluto discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh, Dr. Harrington proved that Planet X was indeed inbound into our Solar System. Harrington sent back reports of this ominous discovery, but died of what was reported to be esophageal cancer before he could pack up his telescope and come home to hold what would have been a highly publicized press conference.

The source below indicates that Harrington began the search at Black Birch in April, 1991, two years before his death. However, considering the painstaking process of trying to find a distant needle in a very large haystack, two years is not much time at all.
In April (1991) the new sweep starts in earnest at the Black Birch Observatory in New Zealand. A modest 8in telescope, similar to that used by Mr Tombaugh, will examine the northern part of the constellation Centaurus. Pairs of photographs of the same region of sky taken on successive nights will be sent to Washington. Using a blink comparator, a device that compares two photographs, Dr Harrington hopes to locate any faint object that has moved during the interval between the two pictures.



The Solution Isn't Madness or Giving Up, It Is SPIRITUALITY !! There is no time for denial but only time for spirituality, this time has been spoken about for eons, this world will go into a higher dimension, and those ready with it; while those not ready will go to another area, or remain in a 3 dimensional existence elsewhere until they too will be ready, perhaps in time for another chance thousands of years in the future. 

This the Pleiadian's wish us to know, that we are not alone, that they and others are here to assist those willing to listen to the call of ascension out of this realm; this is NOT said at all in a New Age way, no, they themselves are not New Age, but are of the Ancient Ways and Paths !!!!

They serve and love the Ancient God of Light and Christ; the Eloheim

It is not fearful to see truth, it is only fearful for those that do not ground themselves spiritually, all others who are centered are surrounded by peace and light as they see truth as it really is, as it is meant to be and said to be from thousands of years ago. Fear only exists for those that do not understand how to embrace truth while remaining spiritually enveloped with Light, loss of humanity is a great issue for mankind, we need to embrace with love and unyielding eyes. 

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This video film below was produced by Professor  Reza Salami
It Is Of The Great Rift, Pole Shift Dec 21 2012
Planet X Photos With Sun
Massive Birds death of internal bleeding, blood clots and trauma

My comment: though this seems to be a negative film without seeming hope, and hopelessness is not of Creator, but still some of this film needs to be examined up close for those parts that remain true, this great alignment is no doubt going to happen and as of now there is no doubt that the core of the earth is being affected and also along with the pole shift that is in commencement. Combine this with Nibiru Planet X, and we do have an upheaval on our hands, we are not alone however;  much will transpire, but many will assist those spiritually attuned at precise times to know where to go, what to do, and when to do it. Mini and large miracles will abound in the midst of this dark period of time.

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Planet X Nibiru Newspaper Scans fro 80s & 90s (1841-2012 Facts)
NASA document

Upload by RicoCoracao2011

Here are only serious infos & scans about Planet X, mass media were
in the 80s/90s a free press & not so manipulated like today..
but no UFOs or Aliens inside :)))

The findings were reported in daily newspapers:

Astronomy - Search for the Tenth Planet Dec 1981
New York Times June 19, 1982
Newsweek Does the Sun Have a Dark Companion? June 28 1982
New York Times - January 30, 1983
US News World Report Planet X - Is It Really Out There? - Sept 10, 1984

 (Copy paste link into your browser if you come to Blogger, they have NOT fixed the link issue for its members. I wonder why but nevertheless you will need to copypaste them... Shanti )

The Location of Planet X Documents here:     US Navy Observatory Washington DC     Continues On In Doc 2     Continues On In Doc 3

IRAS spotted 1983 that "Planet X" was extremely cold, "no more
than 40 degrees above "absolute" zero". Nibiru is supposed to be
a brown dwarf. Not easy to find! If he really exist, this gigant
is now near Uranus (June 2012). Check Sun activity in the news!

Effects of Nibiru for our Earth:

Perhaps all this HAARP facilities worldwide are also installed to fix
our magnetosphere after contact? ( End of 2012 - Spring 2013 )
Perhaps with the Geo-Engineering (Climate Engineering) they try
to hide (clear sky =view) or build a protection?


No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information!

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